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An Internet eraser can be a very important tool for many computer users. The Internet is a great place to search for and find information, but it leaves definite tracks along the way. Almost everything your computer does—or everything you do on your computer—leaves a record somewhere in the memory of your computer system. As a result, people who know computers would not have a hard time tracking your moves and finding out what you have recently done on the computer or how you have been spending your time. Even for those people who think they know how to “delete the evidence,” there are still probably some stones they have left unturned.

Functions of an Internet Eraser

An Internet eraser can be especially important or useful for people who share computers with other users or for people who need to protect their computer history from others. There are many different Internet erasers available with all kinds of different functions. The one that is best for you depends on what you need and what you want your eraser to do. It is obvious that an Internet eraser will erase information about your Internet actions. It will delete cookies stored on your computer, clear your Internet history, erase your browser cache, etc. However, Internet erasers also have other capabilities that can be useful as well, even if you do not have something to hide.

Because everything you do on your computer leaves a file record somewhere in the memory of your computer, erasing some of these records can clear some of the memory on your computer, giving you more available disk space and possibly resulting in faster performance. Additional functions of Internet erasers include file shredders; scheduled erasings; erasing the histories of URLs, Windows run and search commands, and open/save histories; and deleting Real Player, Media Player and other media programs play list.

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