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Internet Jargon and Acronyms

Although the available space on the Internet seems to be unlimited, Internet acronyms are still commonly used to save time and energy. There are many times when “Internet shorthand” is exceptionally useful, causing less frustration. Things like email and instant messenger services take particular advantage of Internet acronyms because acronyms help people say the things they want to say faster.

One of the Internet’s biggest advantages is that it boosts the speed of information transfer and communication, but some people are still often unsatisfied because Internet communication is slower than face-to-face or telephone communication. In order to help with this problem, Internet acronyms have developed to facilitate people relaying their thoughts more quickly.

Internet Acronyms: Learning and Using Them

Knowing the meaning or definition of all the Internet acronyms is not only impossible but also useless. There is absolutely no reason to spend the time it would take to learn acronym after acronym. Unless you work in a computer-related field, chances are that you will never even encounter a good majority of the acronyms out there. Because there are so many acronyms, they are often divided into certain categories, depending on what they are used for. When you can identify what types of activities you do while on the Internet or computer, you can easily decrease the number of relevant acronyms to a nearly manageable number.

Many of the acronyms are common sense once you know the meaning. Therefore, after learning a few different acronyms, if you know the context of a particular one you will possibly be able to decipher its meaning with a little thought. In many cases, knowing the meaning of Internet acronyms is not even essential to a particular task. Especially in the case of Internet communication like email or instant messaging, if you do not know acronyms’ meanings you simply do not have to use them in your messages, and it is extremely probable that if someone else uses one when communicating with you, you will have the logic it takes to understand the message. If it is particularly important that you know a certain acronym or its meaning, you always have the Internet at your disposal, which can quickly provide you with many directories of Internet jargon and acronyms.

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