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Internet in the Kitchen: Enabled Appliances

For those of us who watched the Jetsons and believed that it was a make-believe cartoon, Internet enabled appliances are now bringing us closer to the lives of that space-age family than we ever imagined. Nowadays, everyone uses the Internet all day long. Many people cannot imagine living their lives without it, and communication is becoming increasingly reliant on the Internet. Many hotels now offer not only computer workstations with Internet access in the lobby but also provide Internet access in all guest rooms. In fact, the Internet has become such a common, essential necessity that hotels and buildings are further accommodating guests by providing high-speed wireless connections.

Internet Enabled Appliances: Function and Use

Internet enabled appliances are just one more way that people can further incorporate the capabilities of the Internet into their daily lives. There seems to be no limit to what people need to use the Internet for, and since families and people often spend the majority of time at home in the kitchen, it is convenient and expected that the Internet would soon find a way into the kitchen, too. Some appliance companies, such as Whirlpool, are now offering Internet enabled appliances that help people live more efficiently and easily.

One example of an Internet enabled appliance is the Whirlpool refrigerator that has a small Web Tablet that is essentially the computer-based control of the kitchen. This Internet access point acts like a second brain in the kitchen and can help with numerous kitchen tasks. It can allow someone to easily look up recipes to cook for dinner, suggest menu options when provided with a list of available ingredients, help with calendar and “sticky note” management, and even control the operation of the stove and other appliances.

Although this new technological development may seem crazy to some and completely unfeasible financially for others, the reality is that this technology is gradually making its way into the mainstream. Across the country, Internet-wired communities are now being built, and appliances like Whirlpool’s Internet enabled refrigerator fits right in with this kind of living environment.

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